JGas Dundee

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JGas Dundee
11 Anderson's Lane

Tel: 01382 611 164

New Customers: HelloSIG@sigindustrial.co.uk

Existing Customers: Dundee@johnston-oils.co.uk

Website: https://jgas.co.uk/contact-us/gas-depots/tayside-angus-depot/

W3W: civic.arrow.bike

Stockists of:

Gas in Glasgow

Cylinder Collection Point

About JGas Dundee

To collect gas cylinders from this collection point, you must first have an account with SIG.
To enquire about setting up an account or our delivery service, please contact SIG.

JGas have been on the road since 1983, distributing LPG to domestic and business customers right across Scotland and parts of England.

In our business you can’t be a fair weather supplier. Thousands of homes depend on us to keep warm and it’s when conditions are at their worst that we’re most needed.

Come wind, rain or snow, our people pull out all the stops to deliver. They’re the real success stories of JGas.

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