Nigel Lloyd Ironmongers

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Nigel Lloyd Ironmongers
Fron Garage
SY15 6RZ

Tel: 01686 641 910

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Gas Direct in Caernarfon, Carmarthen, Pwllheli and Wrexham

Cylinder Collection Point

About Nigel Lloyd Ironmongers

To collect gas cylinders from this collection point, you must first have an account with Gas Direct Cymru.
To enquire about setting up an account or our delivery service, please contact Gas Direct Cymru at Pwllheli.

Nigel Lloyd Ironmongers is a small, rural blacksmith’s business specialising in a range of traditional and modern ironwork and production fabrication in Mid Wales.

With machinery ranging in age from the 1920s right up to modern CNC plasma cutters, Nigel is able to bend, shape, roll almost any shape or size of metal required.

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