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LPG cylinders provide a versatile source of energy with a wide range of uses; from replacing mains gas at off-grid commercial and residential properties to a portable solution for business or pleasure.

Our companies supply LPG from major national suppliers Calor and Flogas.

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National LPG Brands

Our companies supply LPG from two of the UK’s major suppliers, Calor and Flogas. Use our branch locator to find out which supplier is offered in your local area.


Calor gas cylinders provide a versatile source of energy with a wide range of uses from gas supply for a home or commercial heating or cooking to a portable solution for commercial or leisure use.


Flogas cylinders are the perfect, flexible solution for off-grid living. Their cylinders offer a wide range of uses such as powering gas stoves, portable heaters and barbeques as well as smaller homes.

LPG for Heating

LPG represents a safe, reliable and hassle free heat source at an affordable price.

We have been supplying the UK with LPG cylinders for a combined total of over 100 years, servicing many rural households who have no access to mains gas or alternatively those who are looking to reduce their energy bills by using portable heaters.

Our first class delivery service and team of knowledgeable drivers can safely deliver these products to your home.


Home Heating

LPG gas cylinders provide a cost effective home energy solution for off-grid homes, whether it’s for heating, running hot water or cooking.

We can deliver 47kg cylinders to your home and exchange the empty ones for you even while you’re out of the house.


Portable Heating

Portable heaters or ‘cabinet heaters’ have long been a staple heat source for homes across the UK. These convenient heaters are perfect for heating a single room in your home, saving you from heating the entire home when not required.

Heaters used indoors require butane gas cylinders to operate. We can supply and deliver these cylinders to your home.

LPG for Leisure

An increasing amount of people are opting for a UK holiday each year, therefore caravanning and camping are making a major comeback.

As a replacement for the traditional coal BBQ, portable gas BBQ’s are a reliable cooking alternative which is favoured when camping.

For caravanning, we offer an array of different size cylinders depending on your requirements. Smaller cylinders for touring caravans where space is limited and larger cylinders for when space isn’t an issue, such as static caravans where the cylinders can be stationed outside.


Camping and Caravanning

Whether you’re having a camping adventure in the spring or taking your motorhome on a tour around the UK, we have the expertise to supply you with exactly the right gas you need.

Alternatively, for static pitches, we service a wide number of caravan parks throughout the UK.

BBQ’s and Outdoor Heating

From portable stoves to catering sized barbecues that feed thousands, we provide gas cylinders in a variety of sizes to suit all occasions.

If you’re wanting to maximise use of your outdoor space throughout the year, a patio heater will be just what you need and we have the gas to fuel it for you.

Balloon Gas

We offer a range of helium cylinders in various sizes to suit most needs.

From 50L cylinders for higher volume users such as party planners, card and party supply stores, right down to 10L cylinders for personal occasions. Our smaller cylinders of helium are designed for one-off events – perfect for weddings, birthdays, festive parties and more. 


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