Helimix AL75

Deep penetration for aluminium arc welding.

AL75 is a dual-component mixture blended specifically for thicker sections of aluminium. When TIG and MIG welding, you can weld thicknesses of above 6mm and 10mm respectively.

This gas allows for deep penetration and wide bead characteristics. Therefore, in the hands of a skilled welder, you can count on Helimix AL75 to produce excellent, clean welds each and every time.

AL75 is available in our 50 litre industrial gas cylinder.  The cylinder has an industry standard BS3 valve and neatly stores on the back of a MIG or TIG welding trolley. It’s the perfect companion for a welder who specialises in heavy duty aluminium projects.

Should you require a lower content of Helium, have a browse of our other AL mixtures – AL50 and AL30.

Not sure which product to choose? Add this product to your quote, and we’ll put you in contact with one of our sales team, who will be more than happy to walk you through all our options.

Helimix AL75
Available sizes

Available cylinder sizes

50 Litre Industrial Gas Cylinder Outline

50L (230 bar)


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