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We offer a range of industrial gases designed to meet the needs of many different industry and trade businesses.

We have multiple state of the art filling plants located around the UK. Subsequently, they are capable of producing a variety of high pressure gases ensuring you receive the highest quality products.

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Welding Gases

We provide a range of shielding gases for MIG/MAG and TIG welding. Additionally, we also supply products for traditional gas welding using Oxygen and Acetylene.

In all forms of welding, a heat source melts the metal to form a bridge between the components. The molten metal must be protected from the atmosphere as absorption of Oxygen and Nitrogen from the air leads to a poor quality weld. Replacing the air in the weld area with a gas which doesn’t contaminate the parent metal is imperative. Commonly, this is known as a “Shielding Gas”.


Gas Cutting and Heating

Gas cutting and heating are processes which mix a fuel gas and Oxygen to create a high temperature flame. Generally, using the most common fuel gases being Propane and Acetylene.

When cutting, metal is pre-heated until is it red hot then and a stream of oxygen is added. This forces the oxidised metal to flow away from the cutting zone. Usually, heating metal requires a wider, less intense flame. Moreover, attaching different nozzles creates a wider cone for bending metal.


Laser Cutting

The most common laser application in the industry is high power cutting, allowing highly precise cutting of thin pieces of material. Industrial lasers require ‘lasing gas’ to generate laser light.

The purity of gas must be extremely high to avoid contamination of laser components or damage to expensive lasing equipment. Unquestionably, our products ensure optimal laser performance helping you achieve quality results, reducing operational running costs.


Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a melt-cutting method, where the energy of the hot plasma arc is used for blowing away molten material. What gas you use is specific to material you are using. For example, mild steel is often cut with Oxygen, while stainless steel and aluminium suits Nitrogen best.

Typically, the plasma gas or gases are determined by the specification of the plasma machine being used and the material being cut. The range of gases are commonly broad based and you should always follow system manufacturers instructions.



Purging is a process many industries use to describe displacing an unwanted substance (usually air) from a vessel or pipework. Generally, using the purging method replaces an oxidising or reactive gas with an inert gas – typically used in engineering or food production industries.

For example, Nitrogen is often used to purge brewery piping systems to prevent Oxygen from causing the product to degenerate.


Pressure Testing and Leak Detection

Pressure testing involves building pressure within a vessel to a specified level using a purging gas. You would carry this out to ascertain vessel integrity and leak resistance.

You can measure leaks by pressure drop or specialist mixed purging gases incorporating an easily detectable element. We can supply you with a range of high quality gases for these applications.


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